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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 16:39

Why We Are Excited About Blockchain...

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Why We Are Excited About Blockchain...

Blockchain is the technological conduit which will transfer decision making power from companies who now control it, back to the people. Their data, their privacy, their security on their terms. The decentralization of blockchain also provides the opportunity for better customization so that the application fits more around the business processes rather than changing the business process to fit around the application. It's the beginning of individual digital sovereignty in a world of centralized serfdom that became that way because someone else controls your data. It's an evolution that will start a revolution. A revolution of free thought, and free markets - uncensored and unregulated by those who believe they are entitled to profit off the works of others.

Blockchain is about empowerment. With blockchain you can create currencies which are not geo-politically controlled or burdened with fiat financial instruments that are collapsing in debt. It can allow the creation of microgrids, that empowers communities to be self-reliant rather than solely dependent upon utility companies for their power. It can open up a new way to do health insurance, which will restore the doctor/patient relationship decision model instead of having third party decision makers making costly decision for you. It can help streamline logistics and make purchasing real estate easier and more efficient. It can even make sure that your social experience online is not only secure, but your privacy is never compromised.

The best thing about blockchain, in my opinion is that it isn't the technological destination - it's only the beginning of the journey. As all of us who are helping to implement it, we must be mindful not to allow it to become institutionalized (existing to exist) that it stagnated innovation. I see blockchain as a springboard to many future technological developments that we haven't even began to conceptualize yet. It will continue to flourish so long as we remember that blockchain is merely a tool to help people achieve their goals and to empower them in this digital age. So long as we keep focused on that, then not only will the technology continue to evolve, but it will provide the maximum business, social and ethical benefits to society as it continues to evolve.

If you are interested in discovering how Tapestry Global Enterprises can help you take full advantage of blockchain or our new Tapestry IO blockchain platform - let our one of our consultants help you discover what your current business needs are and if blockchain is the best solution for you.

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