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Saturday, 08 July 2017 18:23

Securing IoT (Internet of Things)

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Securing IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT can pose many challenges from a security perspective that most do not factor into their IT Security Strategies. 

Fundamentally, IoT security depends on ones ability to identify devices and the central controllers then protect the data from that IoT ecosystem so that you can safely both manage and share.

It is important that companies are aware of IoT risks so that they can position themselves to address them. Tapestry Global Enterprises, LLC. will accelerate corporate awareness, education, and training initiatives, in partnership with other businesses, and our international partners.

According to Gartner Reports, on average there are about thirteen enterprise security breaches every day, resulting in roughly 10 million records lost a day—or 420,000 every hour.

The IoT ecosystem introduces risks that include malicious actors manipulating the flow of information to and from network-connected devices or tampering with devices themselves, which can lead to the theft of sensitive data and loss of consumer privacy, interruption of business operations, slowdown of internet functionality through large-scale distributed denial-of-service attacks, and potential disruptions to critical infrastructure.

As more and more new connected devices come to market, we can provide you with greater insight, security and peace of mind over all these elements in your company as IoT emerges at a time when threats to our data and systems have never been greater.

Our security researchers at Tapestry Global Enterprises, LLC. have taken it upon themselves to work with other security researchers to expose vulnerabilities that most would be unaware of, to help make the world aware of the potential harm of connecting devices without proper security.

Let our threat behavioral process determine the real-time threat identification and classification for your business IoT and IT Security so that you can operate securely. Call 865-291-0371 today and a member of the Tapestry Global Enterprises, LLC. Security Development Team can walk you through your options and recommend a solution tailored just for your business needs so you can invest with confidence.

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