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SOCIAL BUSINESS PORTAL (SBP) V3.0, LLC. offers Tapestry's Social Business Portal (SBP) software 3.0. SBP is based upon open souce. In version 3.0 it provides a completely redesigned, cognitive-based Home Page that enables business users to collaborate faster, boost productivity and drive innovation socially.

SBP is more than an a business intranet or even a social portal; It's a digital business ecosystem where all the elements of your business come together in the one place. People, content and knowledge are brought to life and interconnected allowing you to easily find what you need and share the information that empowers them.

SBP delivers the organic mobile workplace employees need today. It empowers you to have immediate access to relevant information with one click. SBP has an behavior driven analytics built in which helps prioritizes information flow in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

SBP V3.0 is the new organic mobile workplace home for users on the go. With SBP V3.0 you can:
  • Boost personal productivity with content that is easier to priortize and act upon
  • Organize you updates based on behavior patterns and interactions with your colleagues
  • Keeps the people and communities always in view
  • Delivers more collaborative control, security and empowerment

SBP V3.0 connects your world, locally and globally.

Designed to help improve business performance, SBP delivers valuable secure-cloud capabilities coupled with comprehensive collaboration capabilities business users need. Partners and employees have a choice of leading technologies tailored to their user's needs.

  • Build custom-tailored collaboration spaces for your team and or partners
  • Boost productivity with content that is easier act on
  • Users, whether local or global are able to collaborate more effectively
  • Empowers your workforce with orgaic mobile capabilities

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