Tapestry Global Enterprises, LLC. is a female owned digital solutions company. Our passion is to help clients create integrated digital ecosystems—to build new business value, strengthen brands by making enterprise level functionality affordable and easy to use for start-ups, as well as existing small and medium sized businesses.

The Difference

No matter what the mission, or challenge is, understanding the goals of the people is key to any success. Our experienced team of experts help you develop the measurable goals and objectives by which to gauge your success. We thrive on delivering solutions that people focused and here's how we do it:
  • Coordinate our network to offer highly scaled solutions to our customers. 
  • Facilitate our vast resources to equip the customer’s journey to success.
  • Deliver improved efficiency and sustainability of solution integration for enhanced capabilities of mission-critical ecosystems on any scale.
  • Initiate ongoing reviews of projects to ensure continued standards of excellence.
  • Leverage all data collected from past projects to minimize future development times.


To deliver the most reliable, easy-to-use, as well as cost-effective solutions to start-ups, and SMB's which will empower them to succeed.


To create disruptions in an aging technology industry through decentralized architectures which will facilitate the continual digital transformation across all markets.


To exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering affordable, decentralized products which will improve their efficiency and profitability.

Our Story

In June of 2016, my wife and I formed a tech start-up company specifically designed for start-ups and SMBs. Our Mission is to deliver the most reliable, easy-to-use, as well as cost-effective solutions to start-ups, and SMB's which will empower them to succeed. To make this a reality, we took everything that had made us successful at Globalogix over the last over 24 years... decentralize it and re-package it in such a way that would not only be affordable to SMBs/Start-ups but would give them the tools and resources to be able to compete on the same playing field as larger, more established enterprises.

From the very beginning, we realized that the digital development and marketing space was already saturated, so we knew we had to hit the ground running. We also knew that we needed to make our presence large, our talent diverse, our processes agile and lean. To succeed, we knew we had to operate totally different than most businesses in this industry.

We decided that the overhead associated with the traditional brick and mortar didn't make sense - so we decentralized everything, starting with the staff. It was far more logical to have everyone work remotely in the cloud, whether contractor or our dedicated full time staff. Since we sell cloud solutions as well as other web based services and products, we felt that it would be extremely hypocritical if we didn’t use what we sell. By using own products, this helps us discover the issues first before we roll something out to our customer, thus ensuring that they are getting the highest quality of product and service.

This guarantees every business we work with receives the highest quality of service and technical innovation. It is this reason, Tapestry is not limited by the size of your business. With over 72+ developers in our network, we are well equipped to handle even the most complex enterprise level needs. That's one of the many things which sets us a part form our competitors and enables us to be more aggressive in both our service offerings and in price.

We believe that through our decentralized business model we can help enable businesses to gain the competitive edge they need to deliver more opportunities of success. It is our mission to help other businesses to grow through interweaving digital and technical solutions to empower your business. We make it our top priority with our 7D process to ensure your business success. Tapestry’s motto is “Your Success is Our Success!”

Tapestry Global Enterprises, LLC.

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